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Tricks of the Trade: Top 3 Makeup and Beauty Tricks

Some girls learn how to apply makeup by the time they hit their teens, while some have to rely on beauty gurus on the web to help them slowly master the art of putting on makeup.

Still, there are those who prefer to focus on skincare stuff, investing most of their money on the latest beauty treatments. But of course, a girl can be a beauty addict through and through, that is, someone who knows the tricks of the trade, can apply makeup like a pro, and understands the specific needs of her skin. Now, if you?re just starting out, that?s totally a-okay.

There?s really no shame in being a beauty noob, as even the most skilful makeup artist had to start somewhere. Lucky for you, we?re giving you an inside look at the top three makeup and beauty tricks that you can use to boost your beauty IQ.

Tip #1: Start with a clean canvas.

Just like a painting starts with a clean canvas, makeup application is also loads better when you start with a clean face. Can you imagine putting on makeup after you?ve just hit the treadmill and sweated like a pig? Of course not! At the very least, you?ll freshen up, maybe splash some water on your face before you even think of primers and foundations and powders and whatnot.

Once you?ve washed, toned, and moisturised your face, you?re now ready for the next steps. Oh and lest you forget that the sun is your skin?s enemy, don?t ever skip sunscreen, especially if you plan to go out in the morning.

Tip #2: Use products meant for your skin type.

Oily, dry, normal, and combination are the most common skin types you?ll encounter when researching cosmetics. There are also products marketed as anti-acne, anti-aging, hypoallergenic, and so on, but there are cases when a product is good enough to be used by all skin types (read: BB cream and mineral foundation).

You should also understand that even if a product is labeled as hypoallergenic, there?s always a possibility that it can trigger a reaction, especially if your skin is just ultra-sensitive. To be on the safe side, always do a patch test for any beauty product that you haven?t tried out before and stop using anything that causes you to break out or gives you rashes.

Tip #3: Find a skincare regimen that works for you.

You?re lucky if you love makeup and you never ever get a pimple. Some girls are just blessed that way. However, if your skin is a bit problematic, it would be better to hit pan on products that work for you instead of hoarding cosmetics that are raved about in forums and blogs. Of course, it?s always a personal choice if you want to be a makeup collector or not.

If you do decide to follow the trail blazed by known beauty gurus such as Michelle Phan, it would be great to have a skincare regimen that can accommodate the amount of makeup that you put on your face every day. If you can?t resist going out without putting your ?face? on, then at least invest in a good makeup remover.

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