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How To Be More Flexible

Okay so I wanted to cover something on stretching as not many people do this and they can cause themselves an injury. Although stretching may not seem important is is vital to do, before doing a lot more vigorous exercise.? By stretching accordingly you are preparing your body for a full workout, some of you may just want to get more flexible for other reasons 😉

If you do not stretch and you decide to do the workout without stretching, your muscles will repel and be drawn in instead of contracting with your movement, this will then cause your muscles to stiffen and cause injury. Think of it as an elastic band, if you pull it, it will contract, if you let it go it will repel! Same goes for every muscle group in your body! So let’s show you how to be more flexible!

Stretching The Shoulders & Arms

This stretch is pretty important, especially if you are going to workout the arms and the shoulders. First of all, place your legs flat on the ground with your pelvis as close to the floor as possible, then place your palms flat on the floor and push up with your arms and hold it! You will feel a slight burning sensation all down the arms from the shoulder, this is pretty normal and feels damn good!

flexible stretching

– Muscle Groups

  • Deltoid’s
  • Pectoralis Major’s
  • Biceps
  • Brachielis
  • Brachioradialis


Stretching The Inside Legs

This is great before running and will also eventually teach you how to do the splits, which I’m sure many of you would love to learn! A lot of people do think this hurts and do cringe when they see it but its very easy once you have learnt to stretch out properly! Sit yourself on the floor and place your legs together in front of you, inch your legs apart until you cant do it any further, then inch your way forwards until you feel that lovely burning sensation that we all know and love! See the image below.


– Muscle Groups

  • Hamstrings
  • Semitendinosus
  • Semimembranosus


Front & Back Of Leg Muscles

Okay this one is a little different and will actually stretch the muscles on the front of one leg and the muscles on the back of the other leg along with your butt muscle, you will need to obviously swap around with this one so you feel the benefit on all muscles groups for both legs and butt muscles. First stand up straight, lunge forward and begin to kneel down on the floor, then with your foot flat on the ground begin to push forwards until your feel the burn, remember, do not forget to swap around!

how to be more flexible

– Muscle Groups

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gastrocnemius
  • Soleus
  • Peroneal Anterior
  • Tibialis Anterior

Back Stretches

Your back is of course another important one as this is the thing that usually claps out on us when we are older, so let’s look after it with a few nice stretches a day. Let’s start with feet shoulder width apart then put one hand in front of your waist and the other in the air above your head, then begin to lean to the left or right, depending which side you would like to start. Once you feel the burn, stay put for around 5 seconds then release, then repeat for the other side! See image below.

back stretch


– Muscle Groups

  • Latissimus Dosi (The Lats)

The Splits

Okay, so this is the one everyone looks forward to and aims for when stretching, especially those who are into Ballet or Gymnastics! If you cover the stretches above on a daily basis this one will come within a few weeks, no problem! You start by going into the lunge position and push your leg to do a stretch, this is a must before EVER doing the splits. Once this is done you can then put your palms onto the floor and then straddle like you are jumping onto a horse Yeeehaaa!

The splits

– Muscles Groups (Front Splits & Back)

  • Hamstrings
  • Hip Flexors
  • Quad
  • Inner Thigh
  • Hips
  • Calf

So try this out every morning and night, you will feel invigorated and also blood circulation will be greatly improved, not only this but studies have shown that stretching can also help rid the skin of cellulite.

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