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Get Stronger Knees And Hips With Exercise

Exercise for many is just a habit, a lot of people do not know that it could be an effective treatment for knee and hip problems. Making the muscles stronger can take off some of the strains around damages knees or hips, by taking over some of the responsibilities.

This is becuase your hips and knees will do a lot less work with your quads, hamstrings and abs doing the majority of the work. Good strong quadriceps can over-take the shock absorbing role of the cartalidge in the knee.

The proper balance of muscles in the knees or hips can put the bones in the most functional and less painful position. The first muscles to actually loose strength are the antigravity muscles such as the glutes and quads, so if you was to injure yourself any exercise plan made up by the doctors would focus on these.

All muscles work in pairs, one will contract while the other relaxes and visa versa. Example; as you straighten your leg the quads on the front will contract and your hamstrings will relax. If one muscle in stronger than the other this can cause an imbalance and invite injuries later on down the line, so exercise your hamstrings and quadriceps equally.

Many physical therapists are starting to use closed chain exercising as apposed to open chain exercising. Closed chain exercising is basically focusing on one single body movement at a time. An example of a closed chain would be the squat, as your feet are stationary while your quads do the work. Closed chain exercises are recommended for people with knee and hip problems becuase it focuses on the muscles around the painful joints, to help create stability around the joint.

[embedit snippet=”openbox”]Exercise In Water!

  • ?The water supports your weight as you float around, which will reduce stress on all of the joints.
  • You can try-out exercises saftely before attempting to do them on solid ground.
  • A nice warm pool can sooth the joints in the body.
  • You can move around more and do more endurance without putting pressure on the joints.[embedit snippet=”closebox”]


Exercises Without Effectig Knees Or Hips

If you have been exercising a lot lately and need to give your knees and hips a rest then the following exercises are perfect for you to do:

Floor Exercising: Abs curls, crunches, push ups, leg lifts.

Hand Weights: Repeat lifting gripped weights in the hands in different directions.

Exercise Ball: Stretches, ab curls or leg lifts.

Or if you don’t want to do any of these try “old faithful” and go with swimming or yoga. You should only go with the gentle yoga though as yoga tend to work hips and knees.

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