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Don?t lose your mind over hair loss!

We cherish our hair as much we do any other body part.? Losing hair is like losing a part of your identity.? Your hair can add a spark to your beauty as well as its loss can take away your charm.

As we grow, our hairs do not remain the same. Either they deteriorate in quality like hair thinning, drying or they reduce in numbers to a considerable extent.? Males experience the typical baldness that comes with a receding hairline, whereas women experience hair thinning.

While a certain amount of hair loss is common in both men and women as they age, premature loss of hair is a cause of concern.? Nobody wants to go bald in their mid 20s or early 30s.? And for women, hair loss is associated with loss of self-esteem.? But worrying about hair loss makes the situation even worse leading to increased hair fall.? So, search out for remedies for hair loss while keeping your cool.

Bust the myths:

  • Finding hair on your towel, hairbrush, clothes is a sign of worry.
  • Washing hair frequently causes hair fall.
  • Cutting your hair short promotes hair growth.
  • Brushing your hair with as many as 100 strokes promotes hair growth.

Know the facts:

  • It is normal to shed around 50-100 hair strands per day.
  • The denser the hair, the greater the normal loss of hair per day.
  • Washing your hair thrice a week with the right shampoo actually adds volume to your hair.
  • Hair loss is a result of genetics, presence of disease, inadequate diet, smoking, excess use of hair-colours and other hair care products, stress and pollution.
  • Combing hair increases blood circulation, but it need not be so many strokes. Using a comb rather than a hairbrush is recommended as the latter leads to hair breakage and split ends.

A caffeinated approach to treating hair loss!

For those suffering from hereditary hair loss, merely following the above tips doesn?t help.? A specialized treatment with good-quality genuine hair care products is necessary for such individuals to treat the condition in time.

Hair loss, also called alopecia in medical terms, can be treated with caffeinated shampoos. These caffeine- containing shampoos work by stimulating hair growth at the roots.? It has been clinically proved that caffeine slows down hereditary hair loss.? The Alpecin caffeine shampoo targeted specially at men is worth trying.

Dandruff is also one of the most common causes of hair loss. Alpecin range of caffeinated shampoos also has the Alpecin double effect shampoo, acting on dandruff and hair loss.

So, it?s important to address all the major causes of hair loss if you really want the results.? Not only shampoos but there are other hair care products like the Alpecin after shampoo liquid which does wonders to your hair volume by increasing productivity of hair roots. The caffeine complex works by keeping the hair roots under extended phases of growth.

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  • Phil Turner September 9, 2012, 10:23 am

    Speaking as someone who has been going bald since I was 20, losing your hair is no big deal at all. The only people who blow this up out of all proportion are the ones who want men to buy their hair regrowth, etc products
    If caffeine really worked I would not be bald now, I used to drink 20 mugs of tea a day!

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