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Does African Mango Really Work?

African Mango (?Irvingia?, sometimes also called Wild Mango) has recently become very popular as being the new, promising way to lose weight fast in a natural way. TV shows, health publications and related websites are recommending the fruit or nutritional supplements that contain African Mango extract and cite various studies that are supposed to show how effective African Mango really is when it comes to losing weight.

We at https://ihealthmarket.com want to provide our readers with an unbiased view in regards to the effectiveness of African Mango. Today we want to take a closer look at this new, ?magical? weight loss fruit.

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Does African Mango Really Work? The Facts

If you are looking for effective weight loss methods, you cannot always assume that reviews and studies are entirely un-biased. This is in particular true if such information is found on websites where a blatant attempt is being made to sell something to the visitor at the same time. Then again, with real, scientific studies we can find out whether African Mango is in-fact worth what the hype is all about. You might be excited to hear that past studies have in fact proven the effectiveness of African Mango.

Clinical Data Proves How African Mango Helps With Losing Weight

Evidence about the effectiveness of African Mango extract as a weight loss supplement can be found on drugs.com and on various other reliable health resources.

In one 10-week, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled study 102 overweight patients were evaluated in regards to the effects of African mango seed extract on body weight, their overall health and associated metabolic parameters.? One group of patients was given 150 mg of African mango seed extract while the reference group was given a placebo 30 minutes before lunch and dinner. Patients receiving the extract improved both weight reduction (body weight, body fat, waist circumference) and metabolic parameters (plasma total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, blood glucose, C-reactive protein, adiponectin, and leptin levels).

In a further crossover study, the positive effects of African mango have been observed in 40 obese patients. 41 Patients were administered 3 capsules containing 350 mg of African mango seed extract while another group was administered placebo 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals.

Likewise, in this follow-up study, patients treated with the African Mango seed extract had reduced their body weight, waist and hip circumference as well as improved metabolic parameters such as lower cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides plus increased levels of ?good? HDL cholesterol after only one month.

There is further, scientific evidence about the effectiveness of the extract as being a powerful antioxidant and for its anti-microbial abilities. Studies showed clearly that the fruit will inhibit activity against several harmful bacteria and fungi.

How African Mango Works

There can be no doubt about it that the African mango’s soluble fiber content helps to slow digestion and absorption of dietary sugar, as the above placebo studies clearly show. The benefits of natural fibers for health, fitness and weight loss are long known. What is interesting if one looks at the results of the above studies is that the African Mango extract not only promotes weight loss, but at the same time has numerous other, proven health benefits. Those range from detoxification (such as binding bile acids in the intestinal tract and forcing the body to convert more cholesterol into bile acids) to significantly improved cholesterol levels and many more health benefits.

We can therefore confidently conclude that African Mango is not a hyped-up weight loss supplement that will not stand up against the claims being made as we often see with other supplements: Scientific double-blind placebo studies and the supporting data clearly demonstrate its effectiveness.


People that are struggling with their weight are often spending large sums of money buying all sorts of supplements, the claims behind many of them are not backed up by any kind of studies. More often than not, the consumer goes by what the advertising states with nothing else to validate or verify whether the weight loss product he or she is getting is actually effective. More research, in many cases, might reveal that the product that is hyped in the media is in fact ineffective when it comes to weight loss. Not so with African Mango.

African Mango ? A Welcomed Exception in Today?s Weight Loss and Supplement Market

African Mango, due to its proven effectiveness is a welcomed exception in today?s natural supplement market and it should be high up on anyone?s list who wants to lose weight the natural way. Its effectiveness is proven by various scientific studies. In addition to the benefits it will have for weight loss, African Mango will provide even more benefits to boost all-around health and wellbeing. Since it is a natural product, side-effects are virtually non-existent. If you are looking for a new, effective and natural way to lose weight you should try out African Mango.

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