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sarah henderson
I am Sarah Henderson, I am a Health fanatic ever since I can remember. I have been guest author on many blogs some, of which are educational websites and also big news websites such as NewsStatesMan, here are a few:
I do try to write as much as possible as I do travel quite a lot whilst also running my own Business at the same time. From time to time I will accept other fellow bloggers to publish content on my blog, but there are rules and we shall get to them now.
Guest posts & Guidelines
If you are a blogger just like me and non-commercial you may submit a piece for me to review, I tend no to go for the boring stuff such as “The top 10…” or things like “5 ways to…” I like new trends, something that will wow the readers, something that they can take away and remember, let’s face it, that is what a blog is all about, right? So my fellow bloggers as long as your submission is:

  • Over 600+ words long
  • On a health topic not covered and fits into one of my categories
  • Goes in-depth about the topic and is not to wide
  • Has at least two images which are either your own or creative commons licence

Then you may send in your submission to: healthysarah1986[AT]gmail.com

For Commercial Guest Posts

There is of course a fee as free links on decent blogs do not exist any more, unless you buy into overseas link networks or blogs created solely for guest posting, of which will eventually be slapped by Google! The same rules will apply to you as above aside from you are allowed just one outbound link, which I have to approve first! Once you are approved you forfeit the rights of the content over to iHealthMarket. I also reserve the right to remove content or links if necessary.

Interested? drop me an Email at: healthysarah1986[AT]gmail.com or fill out the form below:

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