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A Green Coffee Bean Extract Review

Green coffee bean extract has been shown across TV stations lately, this is because of the amazing scientific results that Dr. Oz recently exposed. Normal coffee is roasted in an oven at 475 degrees which is why most beans you see come in a black/charcoal colour. Roasting the coffee beans is a bad idea in terms of health as it destroys 90% of the coffee’s fat burning properties and the anti-oxidant called Chlorogenic Acid.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Eliminates Fat!

A scientific study took place in San Diego where 16 overweight adults took turns to take doses of the green coffee bean extract, a high dose of the same green coffee supplement and a placebo. The study may have been small but the results were astonishing to say the least. The subjects taking the green coffee extract on average lost a total of 17.5 pounds in just 22 weeks which reduced their body-weight by a staggering 10.5%!

What Are The Secrets And How Does It Work?

There are no secrets in terms of any man made materials or substances, green coffee bean extract is 100% natural.Green coffee beans have been found to absorb fat and stimulate the fat metabolism within the liver. The anti-oxidant chemical known as Chlorogenic Acid is found in many plants but it is very highly concentrated in green coffee beans, meaning you get a stronger dose. The Chlorogenic also releases glucose in the blood especially after meals and appears to help a lot of people to lose weight as a result. The anti-oxidants will also help reduce any new fat cells , another great thing is it will increase your body heat which promotes thermogenesis, this is your natural fat burner which helps create energy within the body.

Please check out the video below for a more extensive insider view:

Where Can I Buy Green Coffee Bean Extract?

As with any product that is backed up by scientific proof a lot of companies and the black market will jump on the band wagon, so it is better to get it from a trusted source and reputable company. Here at iHealthMarket we have done extensive research to find the best place to purchase from. While conducting our research we found many fakes on the market and a lot of copiers, these were usually the places selling them very cheap and in bulk. If you would like o use the source we found you can click here or click the banner below.

bean coffee bean extract

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  • green coffee bean extract March 20, 2013, 4:37 pm

    I bought the green coffee bean extract from another website but it never did anything and I never felt any different, a few weeks later it turned out the website was closed due to a scam being run and the tablets were fake! It was not disclosed as to what was in the tablets!!!! But anyhow, I decided to give these a try and its all 100% above board. The tablets arrived with all of the proper paperwork and the instructions on how to saftely use them, this gave me more confidence and knew that it was the real deal. Thanks ihealthmarket!

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